Dog Training

Dog Training



Here is a great book that I would recommend to anyone who wishes to train their family dog. It is called “Training The Family Dog” by Edna Kaehele. Of course I may a bit biased in my recommendation, seeing that the authors is family.


When training your dog you want to use the “training tools” necessary. This usually involves a collar, leash and snack bag or as I prefer a ‘fanny-bag’. If you are using an auditory means to train the dog, then you would also need a clicker.


 An effective training tactic is to use small rewards for dogs. The rewards can come in a food type reward such as a soft nibblet, a chewable or other small treat. You can also use the affection and play reward. Once the dog obeys the command, the dog owner will then reward the dog with friendly petting or play with toys such as a ball.